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Control-tower customisation


This guide outlines the steps required to change the instance type in Carrier’s Control Tower, allowing for customization of resources to meet various performance and cost needs.


Before proceeding, ensure you have:

  • Access to Carrier’s GitHub repository.
  • Administrative access to the Carrier installation platform.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Download Control Tower Configuration

Begin by downloading the latest control-tower.zip package from the official Carrier repository. Download from git

Step 2: Extract the Package

After downloading, extract the control-tower.zip to a new folder. Once extraction is complete, delete the ZIP file to clean up your workspace.

Download and Extract

Step 3: Modify Instance Type Configuration

  1. Navigate to the extracted control-tower folder, then to the \control_tower\cloud directory. Navigate to folder
  2. Open the aws.py file and locate line 34.
  3. Modify the "InstanceType" attribute to one of the following, depending on your requirements:
    • t2.medium
    • t2.large
    • t2.xlarge
    • m5.large
    • m5.xlarge
    • m5.2xlarge
    • m5.4xlarge
    • m5.8xlarge
    • m5.12xlarge

Modify Instance Type

Step 4: Repackage the Control Tower

Zip the control-tower folder again after making the necessary changes, preparing it for upload. Compress to ZIP

Step 5: Upload Modified Package

  1. Navigate to the Carrier configuration portal at https://${CARRIER_HOST}/-/configuration/artifacts/.
  2. Click tasks. Click tasks
  3. Drag and drop the new control-tower.zip file into the appropriate section to upload it.

Upload Configuration

Step 6: Deploy Changes

Deploy the new configuration through the Carrier portal to apply the changes.

Step 7: Run Your Tests

After deployment, run your tests to validate that the new instance type settings are functioning correctly.

You can use this Carrier guide to config yor first backend test


By following these steps, you have successfully customized the instance type used by Carrier’s Control Tower. This adjustment can lead to better performance and cost management based on your specific needs.

For further customization or troubleshooting, refer to the Carrier documentation or contact support.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.