Continuous testing toolkit

Set of tools and practices to integrate non-functional tests into delivery pipeline and organize effective feedback loop

Available for:

Shift-left for non-functional tests made easy

CI friendly design

Easy to Rollout

Container based solution allows to save costs on test infrastructure

Our team can help with current state analysis to identify the optimal way to continuous testing

Reduces time

Easy to Jump-start

Established non-functional testing enablement processes give first results in terms of days and weeks not a months

Out team can help to uplift existing non-functional tests to CI friendly state

Accurate metrics

Easy to Understand

Email and chat notification provide actual information on a state of application performance and security

Centralized dashboards show all non-functional trends in one place

Automated issues reporting minimize risk of problem to be forgotten

Loose coupled platform

Carrier Covers

Back to back comparison of builds

Reporting that helps

  • Performance results aggregation dashboards help to track trends in real time and over significant periods of time
  • Security program and project reports help to keeps track on flaws outstanding and ones that breaks policy compliance
  • Email and chat notifications provide actual information on state of security and performance issues and trends
  • Jira integration helps to avoid concerns and issues being missed
How it works?

Under the Hood

Platform components - used to persist, visualize and analyze results

Elastic components – stateless units used to conduct tests, gather execution results and transfer them to platform or external components for persistence

External integrations – systems used to initiate tests, enhance results analysis, and close the feedback loop

How it works?

Optimized results storage mechanism allows to back to back comparison of builds


Quick and guided installation of Carrier

jMeter tests execution

Instruction on how to configure carrier for jmeter tests execution


CARRIER helps to enable shift-left testing practices into Software Development Process without stress of Development Team