Performance Testing

With our team of experienced performance analysts and our proven approaches, we offer tailored performance testing and consulting services to meet every client’s needs.

Explore Carrier Platform's Top Features

Experience unmatched efficiency with Carrier's real-time performance reporting, customizable thresholds for any request, and comprehensive application performance comparisons.

Time-to-value focused

Streamlining your business priorities with minimal setup, letting Carrier handle the intricacies of performance tuning.

Seamless Cloud Integration

Flexible deployment options that fit your infrastructure needs, ensuring data security and compliance.

Focused Notifications

Receive real-time notifications via email when your tests end, providing you with an accurate account of any performance issues.

Advanced Intelligent Analysis

Dive deep into performance data with Carrier's intelligent analysis tools, identifying and resolving issues swiftly.

Simplified Test Management

Carrier's intuitive interface and comprehensive test management features streamline your testing workflow.

Easy to Use

Designed for simplicity and efficiency, Carrier's interface ensures that performance testing is accessible for teams of all skill levels, enabling quick setup and easy management of comprehensive tests.

Empowering Open-Source Community

Carrier's open-source platform invites you to customize and extend functionalities, ensuring your needs are met with community-supported solutions.

Proactive Team Management

You can manage your projects inside the Carrier platform using Carrier's engagements and board with tickets capabilities. What will help you achieve your goals while maximizing efficiency and minimizing risks.

Real Time Reporting and Results Analysis

Carrier provides you with real time results reporting and several tools for results analysis. Our platform is designed to ensure that achieving and maintaining optimal performance is straightforward and effective.


Carrier has many integrations for running tests in Cloud or Kubernetes, as well as for reporting results to various tools like JIRA, Report Portal, etc. There is also integration with SMTP to receive notifications about test results or project status.